Energy Cabins

The Energy Cabin is a heating solution suitable for wood chip, pellet and log wood heating systems. An external heating structure is especially useful for clients looking for a flexible heating solution or where there is no adequate space for a modern wood heating system installation. 

The Energy cabin range is available in 2 sizes for single boiler installations or cascaded together for multiple boiler applications. The Biomass Store can customise any of the cabins to beter suit clients requirements, if you require more information contact us by email at or by phone on 01432 264 525

Size 1 is generally used for small log & pellet boiler applications (15-50kW) with manual filled or separate bulk fill pellet storage.

Size 2 is generally used for medium chip & pellet boiler applications (25-80kW) with bulk fuel storage or larger systems (100-200kW) with external fuel storage.