Draught Stabiliser

Draught Stabiliser

Available in various sizes

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Consisting of adjustable draught stabilizer and fitting for single wall flue pipe. Manufactured from stainless steel with coated EPDM sealing lip and fitting saddle. 

Supplied with sadldle to suit. Saddle includes adjustable clamp. 

Chimney draught stabilisers are a very important addition to any chimney system.
The purpose of a stabiliser is to help maintain a regular draught (suction) in the connecting boiler whatever the weather or wind conditions. 

A stabiliser is adjusted and set during commissioning to operate at a given flue draught condition. 
This helps maintain a steady and regular suction created by the connecting chimney which can greatly increase overall efficiency and so running costs. 

[150mm PRODUCT CODE: HDG4042]
[180mm PRODUCT CODE: HDG4043]
[200mm PRODUCT CODE: HDG4044]

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