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At The Biomass Store we specialise in renewable energy components and accessories, stocking all the best quality products and brands at trade prices. We offer everything but the boiler and cater for numerous projects regardless of size. 

Customisation on larger products, such as energy cabins, chip shifters or pellet stores, is available allowing you to provide the best solution to your customers. 

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copper door handle & push plate
Antimicrobial push plate & pull handle kit
Prices From £61.99
(Inc VAT £74.39)
existing door handle antimicrobial cover
Antimicrobial cover for existing door handle
Prices From £49.99
(Inc VAT £59.99)
copper cover plate for existing handles
Antimicrobial cover plate with keyhole for use when removing existing door handles
Prices From £14.99
(Inc VAT £17.99)
anti viral cover plate
Antimicrobial cover plate for use when removing existing door handles. Without keyhole
Prices From £13.99
(Inc VAT £16.79)
C100+ Super concentrate, 25L treats up to 5000L Inhibits scale and corrosion Extra protection against frost Added Biocide & Glycol Helps maintain and improve system efficiency Suitable for all types of indirect systems (inc Aluminium based)
Prices From £197.18
(Inc VAT £236.62)