ERS 4 Energy storage

ERS 4 Energy storage

Make the most of your home grown energy. Store energy as hot water without using batteries, ERS uses F-point technology to quickly and accurately monitor your energy import and export.

ONLY: 342.25
(Inc VAT 410.70)

A full range of benefits...

Fully tried and tested

• Accurately tracks surplus power, diverting excess into heating loads such as hot water or space heating
• Eliminates unwanted import during operation due to fast reacting F-POINT control technology
• Can be used with existing heating elements with no harmful effects
• Quick payback and long lasting high quality design and manufacture
• Fully CE compliant. Tested against EN6100 series standards for flicker, harmonics and EMI
• Designed, manufactured and tested in the UK

Save money on your utility bills 

A conservative gas or oil saving of £100 to £180 per year can be expected, giving E.R.S an approximate payback period of 3 years. This falls in line with our standard 3 year warranty. Have it fitted by an accredited PowerFlow installer, and you can benefit from a 5 year warranty completely free. 

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The ERS 4.0 system will qualify for next day delivery.

For more information on this delivery process please visit our delivery page.

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